Project TechConnect- Reloaded – Amanfrom Cluster of Schools, Accra

Education has proven to be the most important determinant of nations’ economic, social and cultural prosperity across various sectors of economies necessitating conscious investment in the sector. Expenditure by governments in education over the years in Ghana has increased, for example, a 3.6 billion investment in the sector in 2010 was increased to 6.0 billion in 2011 representing 8.4% of GDP. Gross enrolment ratio at the basic level has also seen progress up to an impressive 96.4% in the same year.

Yet, despite the fact that Ghana has scored high on making education accessible and increased enrolment, quality, however, has been less sufficient.

The complex diversities of the global environment makes it imperative to embrace and apply innovative technology to affect teaching and learning outcomes, without which students will suffer the skills gap and remain stagnated in the competitive marketplace. This rapid development of technology is expanding the boundaries of education, influencing the lives of young people and augmenting informal education as a whole. Leveraging on the potential of emerging technology, we can transform education and enhance learning opportunities.

To achieve better learning outcomes at higher levels of education, we believe in building a firm foundation; thus investing in the primary level to propel growth in subsequent stages.

In view of that, e-Inclusion collaborated with the Vodafone Ghana Foundation team to launch a community-based project dubbed “TechConnect – Reloaded”. The project sought to improve education through the use of technology by providing access to information, engaging activities and developing technical expertise of teachers to implement knowledge for sustainability. A total of one hundred and fifty (150) pupils including teachers benefited from this impactful project.

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